Book of the Month – September ’13 (Nomination Poll: Part II)

Hey guys, Vote for Stripped Bare, my mothers new and amazing book, about two men that find love against all odds. It a great read!

Sid Love

The Blog of Sid Love is putting to vote those books that were reviewed in the month of August, 2013 – The Part II of nomination process begins today. Books reviewed between 08/11/2013 and 08/20/2013 are considered for this round! This is your chance to show how much you have enjoyed the books that were recommended by us. If you have loved any of these books, please vote for it and make it eligible for the final voting round of “Book of the Month – September 2013” on this blog.

You will have the liberty to vote for any five books from the list. The top five books that win this poll will be eligible for the final voting process that will take place during the second week of September!

For now, the titles/authors nominated from the first round – the ones that will be competing in the final round of voting…

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My Zombie Apocalypse team!

There is not a soul out there that has not thought about it. There is no one alive on this earth, that can say they have not thought about the seemingly, farfetched, yet not so fictional possibility of a Zombie apocalypse. If you are sitting at you computer now nodding your head in a disapproving gesture, smirking and thinking ‘my mind would never think about thinking such nonsense’ then I am afraid you are lying to yourself.

Think about it, out of the estimated 6 billion parasites that call our world home, (that does not include the parasites carried over from interstellar travel. Yes people, Space! )  there are currently only four classifications of parasites. The Cestodes (Tape worm), The Treamatodes (Flukes) the Nematodes (Rondworms) the Protoza (one cell parisites) In each classification, there are over 1000 parasites that can live in the human body.



Skin crawling yet?

70% of parasites that can live in the human body are microscopic and the ones that aren’t are worms that can be ¼ of an inch long, to 40 feet long.  Trust me, that is not even an exaggeration.

Today there 12 discovered parasites that can take over a hosts brain; fortunately none of them can survive in a human, (it is found mostly in insects.) But it only takes evolution to make that interspecies jump from insect to human.

So the threat of a Zombie virus is actually quiet real, especially when you take rabies into effect. Think about it; it is a virus that turns its host into a mindless aggressive machine, it if often spread by the saliva entering a wound after the infected person bites and uninfected person. It also had the ability to infect different warm blooded species such as cats, dogs and monkeys.

Once the rabies virus is in the bloodstream, it attacks the cells of its host, it incubates than moves up the peripheral nerves, and then it attacks the brain.

The symptoms of rabies are as follows,

  • High temperature
  • chills
  • fatigue (extreme tiredness)
  • problems sleeping
  • lack of appetite
  • headache
  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • sore throat
  • vomiting

Rabies Virus

In more advance cases there have been symptoms of aggression, profuse sweating, paling of the skin, increased production of saliva, hallucinations and fear of water.

India had the highest rate of Rabies in the world, so odds are, that’s where patient Zero will be, all the virus needs is a tiny bit of evolution and boom, and you got your Zombies!

So, in preparation for this tragic event, I have come up with the meanest, strongest and smartest Zombie team there is. Feel free to reblog with your own but kicking team. Have a little fun. (Before we all turn in to mindless, decomposing walking corpses! )

Now, on to the best Zombie killing team there could ever be (in my opinion)  starting  with…


1 – Alice Abernathy


Sexy, fast, athletic and also half human half mutant, Alice is a typical choice to have fighting at your side when the un-dead are no longer dead…

she knows how to use a gun, and looks fantastic in a tight leather outfit. she also has mind powers of some proportion.

Alice is my first choice of partner to fight by my side.



Danny Trejo

His a bad ass, gun totting, knife  wielding
Mexican, who else do you need by your side,
When your killing corpses there is not much
argument when it comes to this guy, plus he
is quick and scary as hell,
you do not want to end up on the wrong side of this

Vinnie Jones


Next, there’s Vinnie, His bad, his angry and he has a temper that would rival the hulks. Vinnie Jones would shoot a zombie in the head whilst he beat another twice dead with solid gold knuckle dusters. and he would look good doing it.

And come on, you just gotta love that accent.

Fiona Glenanne


Smart, sexy and can shoot a man from 700 yard with a sniper as well as take a man down three times her strength and size.

Fea is a great choice to have when you stuck in a sticky situation.  Whether you need an escape route from a seemingly inescapable building, or if you just wanna blow it up with all those Zombies inside.

She is your girl!

Ziva David

Ziva David


Lastly and probably the most important of all, how can I forget the amazingly talented and jaw droppingly  gorgeous Ziva David. A Mossad Kidon agent, NCIS investigator and former IDF solider.

She would shake your hand as she got ready to put a bullet in your head. Able to kill you 18 different ways with a  paper clip,  weapons  expert and trained in bomb making and disposal,  she is not someone you would want to have as your enemy.


So there you are, the best dam Zombie fighting team you will ever meet, why not try and make your own,  re-blog  and have fun!




At the risk of sounding, big headed and arrogant (which is really just confidence in disguise!) I write this post to bring you lovely people to the best student film you will ever see…regarding you have not seen any and do not plan to see any in the near or far future…

I would like to post this video (link is at the  bottom  of this post) as another one of my feeble attempts to break into Hollywood yet again!
This, my friends, is a ten minute student film that I stared in as Detective Anne Reed or Detective inspector to be more precise.

The film was Filmed, edited and produced in three days, with a lovely cast of media and acting students, myself included. It was later shown at the end of the year, and I was happily awarded Best Actress 2012.


My Best Actress Award!

Now. On to the actual film.

When a brutal murder of a man shocks the little town of Braintree, Detective Anne Reed is sent in to investigate, but when an old friend of Reed’s shows up, claiming there is more to this murder that meets the eye, Reed and Brain set out to find someone or something responsible for the man’s death. Before it’s too late.

I know, Dramatic right?

Now, a film, would not be a film without the little critique and review, so here’s my brief overview of the short.

The film has a few little mistakes with continuity, see if you can spot them; the first one is about two minutes in.

Secondly, the acting in some places  throughout  the film, is a tad…flat, and that is from everyone. But what do you expect for a 10 minute film, put together in three days with little to no notice prior to the filming? (Seriously, literally a day before we were told we would be making a film with the media students then told to get on with it!)

Thirdly and lastly, the direction was just fantastic, not taking in to account the few errors with time changes (See if you can spot them as well) I cannot fault the direction of this film, a standing ovation to Ashley Burder the founder and director of screen hopper productions.

So all in all, the film is a fantastic first attempt for a student film, put together from scratch in three days, I hope to do many, many more.

Enjoy the film!


Why do we get so attached to our pets?

According to polls, there are 8 million cats and over 8 million dogs kept as pets in the UK alone. Over 20% of people in the UK keep dogs as their pets and just fewer than 18% keep cats, the rest keeping small rodents, birds and reptiles.

1 in two households own a pet. That means there are over 22 million pets kept just in the UK!

So…when the thought of going to university for three years crosses my mind, it is not leaving home for the very first time, or the thought of having to live off pot noodles, Iceland bought pizza’s and cheap ready meals that makes me feel slightly woozy. It is not even the fact that I shall be thrown into the big bad world, without mommy and daddy there to hold my hand.

And, it is not the fact that I will be leaving all my friends behind me, doomed to find more like minded people in a strange place I know nothing about.

The main thing that crosses my mind is the thought of leaving my dog for months on end, it brings a sort of… clenching feeling to my chest and stomach, like icy fingers or the feeling you get when you have had too much pudding.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to bits, no matter how dysfunctional it is. I will dearly miss the avid writer that is my mother, the grumpy pudding gobbler of a father and the troll up stairs that can only be described as my brother. However, It is the thought of walking through the door after a long day and being greeted by nothing but a cold unmade bed, probably a few half full bottles of alcohol (it is university after all) and a box in the corner that contains something that resembles pizza. But there will be no pitter patter of tiny little paws, large puppy dog eyes and a wagging tail there to greet me.

So the question is, why do we get so attached to our pets?

I often have this conversation with friends, who have pets of their own, and we have come up with the conclusion that the companionship of a pet, whether it is man’s best friend, furry feline or the cold blooded friendship of man and reptile, it ‘s a special connection.

It is not the connection you may share between friends or family or even lovers, but it is an entirely different feeling, which make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is an unconditional love that is hard to find anywhere else.  Maybe Its goes back to the dawn of time, where man lived and hunted alongside animal, most likely dog, who were probably the first animal to be kept as pets.  With our furry hounds related to wolves it is no wonder why they are so popular.

And then we come to cats…our stuck up, arrogant and slightly bitchy feline friends. Their presence as pets dates back to the early Egyptian times, where they were praised for their talents at pest control. Maybe this is where their ‘All important attitude’ comes from.


But all pets, no matter what they are have a profound effect on their human caregiver, and it is not only us that get attached to the animal, but the animal that also gets attached to us. If you think of it, you are their source of security and survival, without you, they are just another stray dog without a pack. You are their safety. Just like, they are your comfort, companionship and security. Our pets become important family members, and it’s understandable why we feel so much grief when one strays or sadly flies up to the big old pet heaven in the sky.

If you are a pet lover or not, there is no denying that there is and always will be a connection between human and beast. It has been there since the dawn of time, and shall remain till the sun grows cold.


“It’s All About How You Raise Them”

This article is very thought provoking. It is definitely worth a read, dog lover or not.

Foster and Photograph

In 2007, Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for his involvement in dog fighting. Somewhere around 50 dogs were taken from his property, the majority of them being Pit Bull Terriers.

About half of his fighting dogs spent their lives chained to buried car axels, just out of reach of one another, and most of them were in poor physical health. At his property there were rape racks(devices used to restrain a bitch so a dog can mate with her without being attacked), a fighting pit, and blood-stained carpets. Dogs that did not perform well were killed, either by hanging, drowning, or being repeatedly slammed against the ground until they died. While I don’t know the specifics about the upbringings of these dogs, I think we can all agree on one thing – it was probably not good. I highly doubt that Vick spent time socializing, petting…

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