At the risk of sounding, big headed and arrogant (which is really just confidence in disguise!) I write this post to bring you lovely people to the best student film you will ever see…regarding you have not seen any and do not plan to see any in the near or far future…

I would like to post this video (link is at the  bottom  of this post) as another one of my feeble attempts to break into Hollywood yet again!
This, my friends, is a ten minute student film that I stared in as Detective Anne Reed or Detective inspector to be more precise.

The film was Filmed, edited and produced in three days, with a lovely cast of media and acting students, myself included. It was later shown at the end of the year, and I was happily awarded Best Actress 2012.


My Best Actress Award!

Now. On to the actual film.

When a brutal murder of a man shocks the little town of Braintree, Detective Anne Reed is sent in to investigate, but when an old friend of Reed’s shows up, claiming there is more to this murder that meets the eye, Reed and Brain set out to find someone or something responsible for the man’s death. Before it’s too late.

I know, Dramatic right?

Now, a film, would not be a film without the little critique and review, so here’s my brief overview of the short.

The film has a few little mistakes with continuity, see if you can spot them; the first one is about two minutes in.

Secondly, the acting in some places  throughout  the film, is a tad…flat, and that is from everyone. But what do you expect for a 10 minute film, put together in three days with little to no notice prior to the filming? (Seriously, literally a day before we were told we would be making a film with the media students then told to get on with it!)

Thirdly and lastly, the direction was just fantastic, not taking in to account the few errors with time changes (See if you can spot them as well) I cannot fault the direction of this film, a standing ovation to Ashley Burder the founder and director of screen hopper productions.

So all in all, the film is a fantastic first attempt for a student film, put together from scratch in three days, I hope to do many, many more.

Enjoy the film!



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