My Zombie Apocalypse team!

There is not a soul out there that has not thought about it. There is no one alive on this earth, that can say they have not thought about the seemingly, farfetched, yet not so fictional possibility of a Zombie apocalypse. If you are sitting at you computer now nodding your head in a disapproving gesture, smirking and thinking ‘my mind would never think about thinking such nonsense’ then I am afraid you are lying to yourself.

Think about it, out of the estimated 6 billion parasites that call our world home, (that does not include the parasites carried over from interstellar travel. Yes people, Space! )  there are currently only four classifications of parasites. The Cestodes (Tape worm), The Treamatodes (Flukes) the Nematodes (Rondworms) the Protoza (one cell parisites) In each classification, there are over 1000 parasites that can live in the human body.



Skin crawling yet?

70% of parasites that can live in the human body are microscopic and the ones that aren’t are worms that can be ¼ of an inch long, to 40 feet long.  Trust me, that is not even an exaggeration.

Today there 12 discovered parasites that can take over a hosts brain; fortunately none of them can survive in a human, (it is found mostly in insects.) But it only takes evolution to make that interspecies jump from insect to human.

So the threat of a Zombie virus is actually quiet real, especially when you take rabies into effect. Think about it; it is a virus that turns its host into a mindless aggressive machine, it if often spread by the saliva entering a wound after the infected person bites and uninfected person. It also had the ability to infect different warm blooded species such as cats, dogs and monkeys.

Once the rabies virus is in the bloodstream, it attacks the cells of its host, it incubates than moves up the peripheral nerves, and then it attacks the brain.

The symptoms of rabies are as follows,

  • High temperature
  • chills
  • fatigue (extreme tiredness)
  • problems sleeping
  • lack of appetite
  • headache
  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • sore throat
  • vomiting

Rabies Virus

In more advance cases there have been symptoms of aggression, profuse sweating, paling of the skin, increased production of saliva, hallucinations and fear of water.

India had the highest rate of Rabies in the world, so odds are, that’s where patient Zero will be, all the virus needs is a tiny bit of evolution and boom, and you got your Zombies!

So, in preparation for this tragic event, I have come up with the meanest, strongest and smartest Zombie team there is. Feel free to reblog with your own but kicking team. Have a little fun. (Before we all turn in to mindless, decomposing walking corpses! )

Now, on to the best Zombie killing team there could ever be (in my opinion)  starting  with…


1 – Alice Abernathy


Sexy, fast, athletic and also half human half mutant, Alice is a typical choice to have fighting at your side when the un-dead are no longer dead…

she knows how to use a gun, and looks fantastic in a tight leather outfit. she also has mind powers of some proportion.

Alice is my first choice of partner to fight by my side.



Danny Trejo

His a bad ass, gun totting, knife  wielding
Mexican, who else do you need by your side,
When your killing corpses there is not much
argument when it comes to this guy, plus he
is quick and scary as hell,
you do not want to end up on the wrong side of this

Vinnie Jones


Next, there’s Vinnie, His bad, his angry and he has a temper that would rival the hulks. Vinnie Jones would shoot a zombie in the head whilst he beat another twice dead with solid gold knuckle dusters. and he would look good doing it.

And come on, you just gotta love that accent.

Fiona Glenanne


Smart, sexy and can shoot a man from 700 yard with a sniper as well as take a man down three times her strength and size.

Fea is a great choice to have when you stuck in a sticky situation.  Whether you need an escape route from a seemingly inescapable building, or if you just wanna blow it up with all those Zombies inside.

She is your girl!

Ziva David

Ziva David


Lastly and probably the most important of all, how can I forget the amazingly talented and jaw droppingly  gorgeous Ziva David. A Mossad Kidon agent, NCIS investigator and former IDF solider.

She would shake your hand as she got ready to put a bullet in your head. Able to kill you 18 different ways with a  paper clip,  weapons  expert and trained in bomb making and disposal,  she is not someone you would want to have as your enemy.


So there you are, the best dam Zombie fighting team you will ever meet, why not try and make your own,  re-blog  and have fun!




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