Which TV couple has the BEST On-Screen chemistry? And why? — DISCUSS

Sad, Sad day for NCIS fans, Cot de Pablo has left the show. I hope she does not fall out of acting. I have yet to co-star with one of the most amazing actress on earth!

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From the Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena to Castle’s Richard and Kate, when we asked fans on Twitter earlier today which on-screen couples (and non-couples!) they felt had the BEST chemistry, we were flooded with a slew of responses.

For those who haven’t voted yet (shame on you!), Favorite On-Screen Chemistry is actually one of the many new categories in contention for this year’s awards. So, if you want to see the most sizzling pairs on TV (Scandal’s Olivia and Fitz? Bones’ Booth and Brennan? NCIS’ Tony and Ziva? Or maybe, Vampire Diaries’ Stefan and Elena?) get some major recognition, make your voice heard (and soon!). Category voting ends Sept. 26.

In the meantime, let’s carry the conversation over from Twitter to the comments section on this post. You’ve already told us which TV couples you think have the best chemistry, now we want to know WHY. What…

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