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So, a friend and I are trying to do this thing where you make money playing video games, so far we have made millions of pounds and bought a super space mansion where we live with our supermodel girlfriends…okay, not really…but we’re getting there.

Here is the site, maybe you could pity us with a like and subscribe!

HorridCarrot YouTube

So, if you could maybe click the link above, give us a like and Subscribe, tell your friends and maybe sell your soul so we can benefit, that would be great.

That would be great

PS: Space mansions would be awesome.



So, when I’m not plotting the untimely and possibly horrific demise of the race of parasites known as customers…I play video games with my flatmate in some feeble attempt to become rich and famous so I no longer have to work a dead end job…

So…here it is.  Like and Subscribe and maybe we will send you cookies.

(Disclaimer: We’re not going to send you cookies)

Let’s Play: Mass Effect Andromeda – Drag Queens In Space!